The Safe and Secure Platform



GOez provides an all-in-one solution for new setup or move in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), service  includes Fibre Optic network, private file server, mail service and web hosting etc. Your data will be stored safely in the GOez platform. Enterprises can fully enjoy the advantages virtual machines provide including being elastic and efficient. More importantly to run your business towards the best ideal ICT environment and the perfect enterprise operating condition.


GOez powered by TGgo

TGgo offers on-demand virtual servers with elastic computing power and scalability and pay-as-you go pricing that supports businesses across different industries. It is an on-demand infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering designed to reduce server cost of ownership and upfront capital expenses, while streamlining the application deployment process.


Solution Description

GOez provides customers an online server with dynamic compute capacity running Microsoft Windows® or Linux operating system platforms. CPU processing power and memory capacity can be dynamically allocated to your server on demand. Our service extends your server infrastructure into the GOez network via a virtual private network (VPN) or a private leased line connection, while offering you complete control of your server instances through the GOez self-service Web portal. The cloud service integrates best-in-industry enterprise-class computing architecture, professional expertise and industry-proven standard processes to address business needs. It is designed to deliver server resources rapidly, dynamically and securely. More importantly, you can eliminate server cost of ownership and reduce overall operational and management cost, while increasing your operational efficiency.

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