Exclusive Fibre Optic Network



The office building and the GOez platform are connected with our exclusive fibre optic cables. Along with the high speed connection, stable and strong compatibility features, it is particularly suitable for enterprises that require huge data transmission to adopt.

Please refer to TGT website for details at, www.towngastelecom.com


About TGT

As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited and an associated company of Henderson Land Development Company Limited, Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited (TGT) has long garnered an undisputable reputation for its pragmatic approach to quality services. TGT offers a broad set of professional, trustworthy and stable fixed network, data centres, cloud computing and broadband services.

TGT provides the safest and most secure platform for enterprises based on the stable and steady high speed network services and world class data centre. The platform could also perform different services such as building virtual servers and private virtual machines that could conveniently be setup and managed.

GOez simply and effectively connects the independent fibre optic cables with the platform, essentially strengthen the enterprise system security and stabilize the operating process. Moreover, GOez offers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a wide range of network services include enterprise-level e-mail, website hosting and files sharing etc., in order to enable customers to have a simple and satisfying business operating experience.